Sawmill Location: Community Acupuncture

  $40.00 per visit 


Monthly Membership is the Best choice and lowest cost per visit, for patients who visit more than 2 times per month.

** Monthly membership – $69/month (up to 4 sessions per month) -additional visits just $10





Sawmill Location: OSU Employee MEMBERSHIP

** prepay $540 which allows you 12 visits in the 2019 year(that’s only $45 a visit)!

** for OSU Employees with OSU Health Insurance Plan


Sawmill Location:  OSU Student Package

**half hour Massage for only $15   or hour Massage $30 (first time patients only).  Buy a series of 10 for $100(must be used by August 2019).

** For OSU students with UnitedHealthcare Student Resources Insurance

Sawmill Location: Private Room Acupuncture

$70.00/per treatment



Mobile Massage Memberships  

** $99/month- 60 minute massage

** $139/month- 90 minute massage

** $169/month-120 minute massage